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What are the challenges and experiences you face when looking for a job? A candidate’s perspective.

Author: Pekka Nebelung | Chief Growth Officer with Jobilla | IPTER Finland

1.What Is the Most Challenging Thing About Starting a Job Search?

I find that articulating your skills is the most challenging thing. You have to be really clear about your strengths before you start contacting employers.

2. Through Which Channels Have You Applied for Jobs Recently?

I’ve been using LinkedIn, looking at and other recruitment media for jobs that are open. I’ve also looked online for interesting companies and contacted them directly. The most challenging part of looking for hidden jobs is finding the right person to contact about them.

3. How Have Companies Responded to Direct Contacts?

Being active is perceived as a good thing. All the companies that have responded have been positive and I have occasionally been able to visit them to talk about job opportunities. However, I have not yet found a job I like through this process.

4. What Is Your Experience of the Traditional Job Search?

My own experience is that filling in pre-packaged job application forms is not very useful in terms of results, as they always seem to get stuck in a ghost file somewhere and you get the feeling that no one even looks at them. Filling in ready-made forms rarely results in any contact. Sometimes there are exceptions and you get a response through the form, which is of course always a positive experience.

5. If You Were Given the Opportunity to Modify Companies’ Recruitment Processes, What Would You Change?

I would like recruiters and employers to look at job seekers as a whole, rather than getting stuck on specific things like qualifications. Many candidates may have hidden potential and skills that they didn’t even realise they hadn’t mentioned in their application. It is also important to get a response to your application, so that you are not left wondering whether you are making progress and whether your application has even been noticed.

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