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Are you happy?

Author: Carol Yong | CEO and Founder, Exquisitz Asia Pte Ltd | IPTER Singapore

In LinkedIn’s 2021 Workforce Confidence Index, it reveals that a high 56% of people says that the nature of job function impacts how much they enjoyed their job.

Those in command-and-control positions like business development tend to find more joy in their work compared to those in support admin functions.

This stimulates me to share my experience with many executives from diverse professions across all levels.

Exquisitz Asia is an APAC leader in Executive Search and HR Consulting headquartered in Singapore. We are driven by help clients find sustainable talent and also help candidates find sustainable careers. To achieve this, we prequalify candidates by putting them through a set of designed pre-assessment questions. Truly revealing as it helps us to be razor sharp in placing candidates in best fitted positions.

This is where we discover the concept of Personal Happiness Index – an index that defines 5 critical factors impacting happiness and also career’s success. Against the 5 factors, do a personal scoring of 1-5. Five being the highest.

  • Meaningful Purpose
    • Assess the Mission & Vision of Company & also the KPIs expected of your Role. Is it purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful to you?
  • Control to Influence
    • Assess the Level of Control you have in making a difference in your Role?
  • Personal Passion
    • Assess how passionate you are in your current Role? Is it aligned to your personal hunger & thirst be it in influencing lives, driving sales/profitability etc.?
  • Strengths to Thrive
    • Assess if you have the character strengths and core competencies to thrive on your current Role? You may lack the needful experience or tick all the boxes in terms of ideal competencies. It is ok as Rome is never built in one day. Deep inside, assess if you have the potential to thrive on the role. Talk to trustworthy people who have known you and have worked closely with you. Ask them to be brutally honest.
  • Hunger & Grit
    • Assess how gritty and hungry are you to take on challenges, risks, unknowns and uncertainties of a new Role, higher or same? No one is 100% ready for a new “happy” role. How gritty are you?

Take leave, find dedicated time to do a soul-searching reflection and scoring of the above 5 factors.

I hope you know your Personal Happiness Index. Are you ready NOW to go for your next Career Profession? Remember, you will naturally thrive when you are most happy.

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