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How do you offer something DIFFERENT to attract the best talent?

Contributing Author: Dan McKeown | Managing Partner of Venture Recruitment |IPTER Ireland


Perks, Better Pay, Fancy Offices, Flexible Benefits including the most recent trends of “unlimited holidays” and 4 day working weeks.

All of the above have become mainstream offerings from companies, especially the multinationals with deeper pockets than most indigenous operators.

We have always advised candidates considering prospective employers to think about a few core elements and not get lost in the noise of potential competing offer details.

Firstly, do you like what the business does and stands for? This counts for a lot on a Monday morning when faced with the inevitable bad weather outside and full week ahead!

Do you think they can offer you stretch/development? Is there the chance to develop your current skills further, learn new ones and for career progression?

Do you like the people? What`s your direct line manager like? Have you met your new peer group? Do you think you could, would like to work with them closely?

Lastly, does the company trust it`s employees? Does it have policies and procedures in place to allow the employee to perform without big brother breathing down their neck? Is there the choice to work in the office, off-site, from home? Have they invested in systems and tech to allow this? Do they want employee input, feedback – how do they hold their employment reviews, how often and what do they do with the results?

Ultimately, you can have the best benefits in the world on paper, meaning more money in your bank account and more to brag to friends about, but if you don’t like what the company stands for, the people within it, the chance for progression isn’t there and you don’t feel trusted, then why not just google “best paid careers” and go for one of those %??

Having the choice to work in a way that suits you and offers the company a proper return, that is worth a heck of a lot to most!

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