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The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality is the world-famous personality questionnaire that is used for selection and development of employees. The Bridge Personality is the only personality test available worldwide that measures personality according to both the ‘Big Five’ model of personality and ‘Jung’ personality types. This personality assessment tool is developed by TestGroup, the publisher of online assessments, in the Netherlands.

The Bridge Personality is a very reliable test because of the unique data processing method called ‘normative-ipsative split’.

This test is used for:

Recruitment and job fit assessment.

Coaching, Training and Developing teams.

Sales staff selection and training.

The Bridge Personality test is available in Dutch, English, Czech, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Spanish.

CraftMetrics Personality Inventory

The EXITOSAMENTE/ CRAFTMETRICS PERSONALITY INVENTORY is a proprietary American assessment that identifies peak performers in sales teams.  More than 1.000.000 salespersons over 30 years have taken the Craft tests, giving us the unique ability to map personality to sales success.  Our test is easy to administer, with mobile-friendly reports available instantly, and our unique technology identifies respondents who attempt to “game the test.”  We will recommend the right person for each specific type of sales position, no matter if you are looking for a Sales VP, a Sales Leader or even a Trainee.

Caliper Profile

The Caliper Profile objectively and accurately measures an individual’s personality characteristics and individual motivations in order to predict on-the-job behaviours and potential. Scientifically validated by nearly 60 years of research, the Caliper Profile measures 22 robust traits, an individual’s Abstract Reasoning ability, and predicts performance across 53 different job families. As a onetime assessment, the Caliper Profile, can help you select top talent, predict future performance, coach leaders, and create an ideal environment for high performing teams to flourish with precision and confidence.

Powerteam HR tools

Powerteam HR Tools offers online assessments that give the HR professional different insights into employees and organisations. For example: collaboration styles, thinking styles, norms and values, drives and motives, culture, etc. The assessments are easily accessible. They consist of various modules, making them easy to combine in different ways.
One of our assessments is the DNA Culture test. It gives insight into your values regarding work and the values and norms of your organisation. You can use this assessment per candidate/employee, for a specific team or even the entire organisation.
“The culture of an organisation determines whether someone feels happy or is going to feel happy!”
As an organisation, do you not yet have a clear understanding of your organisation’s values? Then you can also deploy this assessment among all employees. This will result in the prevailing values of an organisation being realised.
To quote Ivan Misner: Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
So get insight into your company culture with our DNA Culture test!


e-Talent is a unique, online, recruitment software with integrated psychometric personality and behavioural profiling, which automatically identifies the best applicants for short-listing without the need for manual CV screening. e-Talent automates your recruitment process and saves huge amounts of time and money while helping recruit the best people every time.

Jobilla – the solution for the modern recruiter

Jobilla is a recruiting software built and developed in Helsinki, Finland. Our expertise is the digital attraction of passive candidates.

Since our inception, Jobilla also has a proven, bullet-proof process for international recruiting briefs.

Jobilla is available for all companies and headhunters around the world. At this moment Jobilla successfully works with about 50 employers and representatives in 17 countries.

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