• Do you recruit your talents internationally?
  • IPTER finds the right Candidates worldwide!
  • IPTER offers international HR and talent assessment expertise!
  • IPTER thinks global and acts local!

Jobs around the world – now your dream comes true!

It has never been easier to find a new job abroad than in the 21st century. It now becomes even more easy….

Welcome to the Global Recruitment Network of IPTER – we are HR specialists and recruiters from all over the world who will support you as an applicant to find the most suitable company and/or job for you!

Why us? And how can we help you?

The world is growing together more and more and certain applicants /specialists, for example engineers, IT developers or management leaders love to work abroad, sometimes for life – sometimes for a certain period of time.

Our network of recruitment partners are all experts in their own country – that is YOUR benefit as we all have many years of HR experience and love what we do. So, click here for your next worldwide JOB.

Maybe you would like some advice about your next career step? Just send us your CV and let us know what you are looking for, and we will make sure that one of our experts gets in touch with you soon.

How do we work for your benefit? 5 steps for your WORLD success!


  1. Send us your application for your preferred job or let us know what kind of job/career you are looking for
  2. We transfer your CV and information to the country/Job you applied for and your request will be answered within 48 hours!
  3. The responsible HR Recruitment Expert will contact you and arrange a zoom or skype meeting to find out more about yourself. You will obtain all the information you need for your next career step
  4. Now we have to discover together which job is best for you and will provide our customer/company with your profile.
  5. In the final step, if you are successfully selected, an interview with your new employer company will be arranged and both of you will agree if that new JOB will be yours!

Feel free to contact us!

An experienced HR specialist takes up your job vacancies and controls the search centrally for you.

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