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New Challenges and Opportunities in the Post – Pandemic Era

Author: Anna Shiau | Owner, Summit Manpower Co., Ltd. | IPTER T’aipei, Taipei City, Taiwan

Summit Manpower Group has been in Manpower recruitment industry for over two decades. We have engaged in the business of recruitment and placement of OFWs (Overseas  Filipino  Workers), including caregivers, manufacturing personnel, construction workers, and hospitality workers in respective industries abroad.

The Covid -19 has greatly changed our lives. In March 2020, I was forced to flee back to Taiwan from Philippines.

At that time, I thought that our operation system has to PAUSE temporarily. But I had no idea for how long until it could be restarted.

After a few months, I realized that we must RESET our marketing system. The pandemic has totally forced us to change the way the world does business.

I love to travel to see different countries and experience their culture firsthand. As a BNI member during the past five years, I have traveled to 11 countries and visited about 30 BNI chapters worldwide.

Needless to say, one to one meetings help us to listen to each other’s needs and develop trust in the relationship.

Global economy is in decline. Before the pandemic, we used to work 8 hours a day in the office. As of now, it has become much easier to work 24 hours without a limitation of meeting with a connecting party.

My teams and I turned to video chat and called our associates everywhere to conduct our business. We have saved more time for meeting with connections, without having to step into a car or onto an airplane 😃😃

OFWs work abroad for the improvement of the life of their families and provision of better education for their children. Afterwards, education is the best weapon for ending proverty and transforming children’s lives.

In addition, the demand of caregivers in aging countries, in particular after the pandemic, is growing due to acute shortages of workers. I have received appreciation comments from many employers. We really help them solve their problems, which makes our business. In 2021 and beyond, Pandemic crisis brings more and more opportunities.

花落了 門關了 都不是壞事

Trust that whatever is behind us, It is not meant for us.

“ When God closes one door, He must open another window “

From the window we can see the bigger World behind.

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