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Employer Branding Is the Key to Success

Author: Carol Yong  | CEO and Founder, Exquisitz Asia Pte Ltd | IPTER Singapore

Executive Search and Recruitment is an essential part of any company’s sustainable success. The key to success is Employer Branding. It comes easy for well known and established companies but it is certainly challenging for startups and companies, who have not put in efforts on Employer Value Proposition.

Very often, companies spent enormous amount of time on detailing their vision, mission and core values for their customers and how they see their companies should grow and prosper in terms of sales, profitability and business growth. However, little or no time is spent on what sort of vision, mission and values the company has to offer for their employees – rightfully, partners for success. What value does an employer bring to the table for their employee partners? This is often unspoken and there is a dead silence upon this that leads to poor talent retention impeding business sustainability.

Once companies are able to unlock this important Employer value, they are on the road to successful talent retention and sustainability. Putting equal if not more focus on giving value to employee partners will certainly bring tons of benefits – passion, resourcefulness, productivity, creativity, innovation and the list goes on.

In most companies, the marketing department’s main focus is on B2C/B2B instead of helping the HR to create meaningful stories to connect with the right candidates. Often they also don’t have the time nor the know-how to reach the target group nor is recruitment in their marketing KPI.
Employer branding is a long term plan and must be in the heart of HR strategy. Companies should prioritise building their employer brand with their team and make recruitment marketing to be a key component of their overall HR strategy. All the recruitment marketing and employer branding should be done in a way that the company differentiates from their competitors.

This is the value added given by experienced & competent Executive Search and Recruitment partners provided by Exquisitz Asia and her search partners from IPTER – International Partner Team of Executive Recruiters.

The Changing And Evolving World of Recruitment

The recruiting world has evolved over time and has been largely influenced by the following factors:

1) Political
2) Economic
3) Social
4) Technology

#1 Political : while polarisation between US and China widened, yet the world operates like one big global community. Prior to Covid pandemic, we see roles getting bigger covering cross borders. A reversal happens post pandemic where region roles are cut off due to border closures. All these have significant impact on recruitment and search competencies.

#2 Economic : It is logical to allude that recruiting opportunities are closely linked to business health of economy and of companies. Post pandemic saw a sharp decline in search. However post pandemic saw significant up climb of search requests from strong regional players from all sectors including badly impacted hospitality and retail sectors. It shows when a company is strong, it not only overcomes bad times, it will pivot to thrive to stay afloat.

#3 Social : Social media usage by all clients and candidates for recruitment and employment has steadily increased in the last 5 years. It has now become an accepted recruitment norm on facebook and Instagram. Candidates find it accepted to be reached by headhunters on whatsapp, wechat, facebook & instagram.

#4 Technology : The use of technology in recruitment will increase by leaps and bounds from job portals, assessments, search optimization to tracking analytics in the last 5 years. However, technology can never replace human connection and the tight bonds between clients and candidates with search partners. Without the latter, recruitment success is short-lived and non-sustainable. Hence search and assessment technology driven and led by trustworthy competent search partners will be the optimal approach towards talent headhunting.

The Future

The future will always be disruptive, uncertain and chaotic. Human tenacity is limitless and likewise recruitment will continue to be important and evolving. Innovative Executive Search and Recruitment by experienced and well-connected Executive Head Hunters will always be needful and relevant. Why? Talent is rare and latent. Talent will always need to be hunted.

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