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A Winning Collaboration

Contributing Author: Anna Ryndina, Partner Coordinator | Jobilla

In today’s fast-paced world of global recruitment, partnerships are the key to success!

Jobilla and IPTER, two big names in the recruitment industry, joined forces because they share the same values and a strong desire for excellence. This collaboration has not only delivered impressive results but has also created a space for us to learn and grow together.

Over the past few years, our partnership between IPTER and Jobilla has grown, resulting in several highly successful collaborations. These partnerships are built on trust and fantastic teamwork.

In my role as a Partner Coordinator at Jobilla, I’ve had the privilege to attend monthly IPTER meetings. These meetings bring together passionate recruitment professionals who exchange ideas, improve strategies, and share valuable insights. It’s not just about business; it’s about creating a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the world of recruitment.

What’s truly impressive is that these meetings connect professionals from all over the world, despite different time zones and cultures. Whether it’s late evening in Asia or early morning in North America, the energy and enthusiasm to discuss recruitment trends, goals, and plans is always there!

During my first IPTER meeting, I received fantastic feedback about Jobilla’s recruiting solution from members who have already tried it in their recruitment processes, as well as from those who were new to it. I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with recruiters from international markets who found Jobilla’s innovative approach to recruitment highly appealing.

Unlocking Value through Collaboration

Rafał Jędrzejewski, CEO of Executive & Friends and the current Branch Manager at Jobilla Poland, played a vital role in setting up IPTER three years ago. His vision was to connect professionals worldwide to collaborate and innovate together. Recognizing Jobilla’s potential to transform recruitment, he saw an opportunity to offer this unique solution to his extensive network.

In Norway, Trond Fischer, a Business Advisor at Vizer AS and a current Partner of Jobilla in Norway, has established partnerships with international accounts in the Nordic region. For Trond, the best part of IPTER is the people – the network of exceptional professionals he has met. It’s been both motivating and rewarding cooperation for him.

In Switzerland, Claudio Magnabosco, Managing Director and Consultant at MAGNA Executives, uses Jobilla as a complementary tool for his executive search services. Jobilla, he says, is a „door-opener,“ offering new possibilities for headhunters. Candidates reached through Jobilla appreciate the personal touch in a world that is becoming more automated every day.

This spring marked a significant moment for the first onsite meeting of IPTER held in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. This gathering witnessed the presence of numerous IPTER members from distant locations, highlighting the global reach of this vibrant network. Trond Fischer who joined this meeting emphasized the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the event.

In summer 2023 over the annual meeting – Jobicon 2023 took place in Warsaw, Poland for Jobilla employees and partners. I could not have been happier to meet Rafal Jędrzejewski and Trond Fischer in person! What’s more, it was a reunion with former IPTER colleagues Krista Wright from Canada and Ole Buch from Denmark. A chance to talk face-to-face after months of virtual meetings was priceless. It was a heartwarming reminder of the remarkable connections we’ve built on this exciting journey together.

Future Plans

This collaboration between Jobilla and IPTER has led to valuable connections and impressive outcomes. The partnerships in Poland, Norway, and Switzerland demonstrate how industry leaders can achieve remarkable results through cooperation.

Jobilla’s innovative approach and focus on candidates, combined with IPTER’s global network and experience, offer endless possibilities. Jobilla continues to offer digital campaigns targeting passive candidates, expanding the talent pool available to recruiters. In today’s modern world, the human touch provided by Jobilla brings a unique and appreciated dimension to the recruitment process.

Together, we are changing the recruitment world, and the journey ahead promises to be both exciting and rewarding.  


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