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Executive outplacement

Avoid image damage and separation difficulties

When companies part with executives, they should support the employee’s reorientation and at the same time bear the costs. This is to avoid image damage and to promote the sustainable reputation of the company. The employee concerned should not just be “settled” and dismissed with words of praise, but should be helped with the smooth reorientation process out of the company.

Corporate identity and credibility

The goal is a fair separation in line with the company’s mission statement and employer branding. Any sustainable organisation who strives for a good corporate culture and sustainable profitability will put in place professional, fair separation management. Especially in our profit-oriented economy, fairness stands out in a particularly positive way and pays off in the longer term. A corporate culture with the value of fairness has a lasting impact on customers and also employees.

NewPlacement is used by successful companies whose strategic personnel development also includes separation.

Win-win situation for candidates and companies

As experienced and understanding external HR experts, we support a fair separation process. Damage to the image of both sides is avoided. To this end, our support is needful, critical and beneficial for goal setting before the separation and in the first hours of separation.

“Worth the price”

Our fee is definitely and certainly lower than the damage to your image.

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