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Interim Executives

We deploy our interim managers at your company when personnel capacities in your company are not sufficient and/or specialist know-how is required. They will be able to support your company at short notice in specialized projects, to bridge management bottlenecks or in difficult management situations.

The placement of interim managers by IPTER can potentially save you the tedious search for suitable experts and reduce the time required to kickstart an urgent project by several weeks. Thanks to the specialist and industry-specific knowledge of our IPTER partners, you will receive qualified candidates who meet your exact requirements. All interim managers have proven expertise in their fields as well as the necessary personal skills to cope with the required project or assignment.

Fields of application:

1. New and specific projects
In case of demanding assignments or specific projects that need to be completed at short notice, companies need external know-how if the required expertise is not available within their own company. Often it does not make sense to employ a permanent manager for new projects, some of which are for a specific time period. This is where competent interim managers – also called temporary managers – can come in effectively to support.

2. Bridging management bottlenecks
Interim managers are also suitable when managers and specialists are temporarily absent (e.g. due to illness) or leave the company – sometimes at very short notice. While the company or IPTER is still looking for a successor, an interim manager can be deployed by us until a qualified successor has been found. The interim manager keeps the business running smoothly and professionally.

3. Solving challenging business situations
Companies also resort to the help of interim managers, especially in challenging situations, such as an expansion or restructuring.


  • Short-term availability of candidates
  • External competence with specialist and industry-specific knowledge
  • Results-oriented implementation
  • Neutrality: Group hierarchies do not let our interim managers lose sight of success
  • No high fixed costs for salaries, variable remuneration and company cars, but predictable fees through transparent contract design
  • Short termination periods

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