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8 Mistakes in the Recruitment

Author: Kittichet Chuenchoom | Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Q Hunter recruitment | IPTER Thailand

One of the key strategies in people management is The Right People at First Time. It’s a strategy I talk about a lot. The more the situation is constantly changing, the more important it is.

It’s important because the business itself doesn’t have much time to wait for better people. We need talented people to join the work. This model is the model that makes new organizations successful by leaps and bounds.

The Zero step before choosing the right person is on the organization. Organizations have to come back to review and redesign first to see what a good person, the right person who will drive the organization must look like. What should an organization prioritize between Mindset, Skillset, and Tool Set in order to say hey, this is the future of the organization?

As far as talking to many executives in this situation, Mindset comes first, then Skillset, and then Toolset.

Let’s consider in order according to the suitability of the organization.

Now, I have 8 mistakes in Recruit to tell you about, and I want us to try and figure out how.

  1. There is no review or some positions do not have a job description to review at all, so it becomes assumed that the right person should be ok with this. If the same position has to choose more than 1 person, how can we be sure that we won’t make a mistake?
  2. Don’t forget to look for candidates that are already in your organization. Many times we already have the right person but we forgot to look. How can we support their success while positively impacting our employee engagement?
  3. Speed ​​up the process too much. Focus on the 30 day KPI or 45 days until some process of pilfering occurs, which is the main cause of the error.
  4. Believing and focusing too much on interviews. We forget about the fact that there are actually other tools to help you find the right person faster. Or many times we are not well prepared for interviews. Go meet someone who is better at talking than doing. It may cause us to make wrong decisions as well.
  5. Believing in people’s references too much. If we have someone to call for reference, what kind of information will we provide? And how much credibility is there in that information?
  6. Wait only for those who are perfect, less than that will not be acceptable. If you have a lot of time and this vacancy is not affecting others, I encourage one to wait for Perfect 10, but we have to look back. Someone who works for a position that we can’t find, can they handle the hard work? Are our expectations reasonable? Are there things we can teach them vs. what we need them to have?
  7. A Leader in that agency (who is the interviewer) is afraid that the new person will be better, so they cut the right person. It’s a pity. Diversity is a tool of growth.
  8. Expect too much with newcomers to produce outstanding results in a short period of time without systematic onboarding. How can you help to adjust a well enough smart person, the right person? It might turn out to be a person who isn’t, unfortunately.

These 8 things we may have experienced both intentionally and unintentionally. Let’s go back and analyze again and see if there is a way to prevent this kind of problem. So that we can reach the goal The Right People at First Time as we intended.

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